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Here you will find helpful information about how to use the site. Contact us for general inquiries here. If you need help with the SEO language here is a Glossary of SEO Terms

How to place a tutorial on the site.

  1. You have to sign up to be a “business member” with complete profile submitted so we can verify your info.
  2. Send us a tutorial that is one of a kind on the SEO subject matter you are an expert in/would like to have posted here. We suggest them to have a word count of 700 or more, to be in “post ready” HTML,  pass a plagiarism check and our editors last veto to be successfully posted.  Hyperlink as necessary to relevant links to make article informative, please don’t be spammy!  We reserve the right to disapprove any submissions, remove or edit any/all links in the submission to no-follow attribute that we deem are not relevant to the direct tutorial subject, over used, spammy or misleading.
  3. You must have a relevant video (yours or video site embeds)  to place with your article.  Videos not belonging to you must have the embed option turned on from the original site is was posted on, in order to post here. If you use any information from a video that is not yours, you must cite the video in this manner below.  How to cite video sites – Author,  [Screen name]. (year, month day). Title of video [Video file]. Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxxx  Your video may not be approved due to being here already. We will remove any videos we deem violates our TOS or copyright of others. You can only embed from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook & DaliyMotion.
  4. Once you are ready, sign in, click the “Submit A Tutorial” button at the top and follow the prompts to submit your work.submit

  5.  Wait for the tutorial to be approved/disapproved or sent back to you to be edited to our standards.
  6. You can link to your tutorial as much as needed for your marketing efforts.Expert Elite
  7. We will place certain expert contributors on our “Expert Elite” list where you get a site badge, you can submit without approval* and you also get a on-site advertising package. Very limited membership!!

Remove or Claim a video on the site.

If you have a video here that belongs to you and you want it to be attached to your tutorial submission, but it is on another tutorial here, or you want your video removed from the site please follow these directions below.

  1. Make certain it is your video and is relevant to the article your posting. Make sure your article is better then the one your wanting it removed from. Better is up to our editor.
  2. Send us the verifiable proof the article is yours to be reviewed by our editor and team.
  3. Once we receive the required information and a decision is made to remove or move the video, we will within 48 hours of the decision.
  4. You will be informed via email address on this form or on your membership file here to any decision made.
  5. Use this special contact us form to submit a request.